The magazine of Ander Group and Goodcode

The magazine of Ander Group and Goodcode


Our Magazine: Wanderfully Different! People you'd love to meet, stories you'd like to know, places you'd like to visit.


#19 December 2021

Back to nature: Claudia Ongaro's sanctuary

A sanctuary where incredible works of art are created, a historic Swiss brand is back in the limelight, our best projects for 2021: enjoy your reading!


#18 June 2021

Le Rose del Malcantone

A paradise of natural wonders and work. Meet Gabrielle and her family who run a delightful flower shop in Malcantone. You will be enchanted!


#17 November 2020

At one with the wave

She loves life, environment, design and her clothes: meet Saskia Koerner, a South African artist you will soon hear about.


#16 May 2020

Wanderful is all around us

We are in Scotland, but this is certainly not whisky: the label says "Great British Vermouth". Is it such a thing? Yes, it is - and it's something both: very new and very old.


#15 December 2019

Wave at change

The River Aare doesn't have waves suitable for surfing, but it fills up this lack with its grace.


#14 September 2019

The border of dreams

In a cozy sunlit home, rich in beauty and embraced by nature, where there is no room for the stresses of everyday life.


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