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Corporate identity for a company in the interior design sector

SAIMU case study


Communicating business changes

Raising awareness of Saimu's corporate philosophy and modus operandi


Logo design

Content design

HubSpot Website



A consistent and effective brand identity

A new company logo that reflects the company



The importance of corporate communication in conveying change

Since 1978, Saimu has been working alongside entrepreneurs and private individuals to create, renovate and design custom commercial and domestic spaces, with competence and reliability. 

The purpose of the request received by Saimu was to communicate all the company news, highlighting new faces, new ideas and all technological innovations. With the introduction of a serie of new services at Saimu, there was a need to convey this air of change, in all respects!

Ander Group corporate strategy for Saimu

  • Rebranding
  • Visual identity
  • Brand design
  • Brand strategy

Why Rebranding?

There are different reasons and all of them are valid: sometimes, rebranding is necessary to give a new look to the image of your company, to keep up with the times, to reach new prospect clients, or even to improve your reputation, etc.. 

Change can be more or less radical!

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How to bring a company logo back to life

Rethinking the brand and visual identity was a natural step to express and communicate in the best possible way the change that was taking place within the company, a change that had almost become a corporate philosophy and modus operandi, so rooted as to become a claim: "Crescere dentro" [Growing inside] .

"Growing inside"

was the leitmotif at the base of the Brand's redesign: an important, evocative, poetic claim.

A duality of meaning, which integrates both the core business of Saimu, which is to create working and living spaces where people feel free to express themselves, to improve, to evolve ... in short, to grow, and a human centred vision according to which everything starts from the customer, his way of life and the needs that may have at the time of design, trying to predict the future.

Our challenge was to bring out this message rich in meaning at a visual level, identity, through the redesign of the Brand and its implementation on all channels, helping to perceive Saimu as reference partner for both professional and personal growth, enclosed in these spaces designed and set up together.


What we did

A brand new logo

The redesign of the logo was a natural evolution of the historical one adopted by Saimu: we redesigned the icon on the same square base but with a more functional and effective shape, eliminating details that made it difficult to use on a small scale and in digital contexts.

The font choice

For Saimu's branding we chose a font developed for large-scale use and based on the combination of contrasting shapes. This font is inspired by the characters of the industrial era of the late 19th century, which - thanks to the presence of well-defined right angles - recalls the iconographic mood of Saimu.


A digital ecosystem - HubSpot Website

Last but not least: the creation of the website in HubSpot, through modules and colors in line with the new Brand Identity. The implementation of HubSpot made the client use the CRM logic at its best, distancing itself more and more from the old concept of website.
Among the many features of HubSpot, the most appreciated were the opportunity to independently manage newsletters, contact lists and have custom workflows to perform targeted marketing actions.

This has allowed the company not only to invest less time in routine operations, but also to create value, thanks to HubSpot technology, which allows to respond to different needs in one place: inside a unique digital ecosystem.


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