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Giving the fight against cancer a single voice.

"Cancer” is one word, but many separate diseases. Cancer treatment is one field, but with many disciplines – from basic research through clinical practice to nursing care. For 40 years, the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) has spoken for cancer physicians in Europe… and now, it unites the whole spectrum of cancer professionals around the world.



The dialogue box format gave a uniform look to every aspect of ESMO’s work, while still conveying its diversity and basis in dialogue. By 2015, ESMO was recognized as the leading European society in medical oncology – but that represented a starting point, not the goal. The fight against cancer knows no borders: it extends into new territories and new perspectives. It calls on all skills, not just those of physicians; it shares knowledge, not just between countries, but between continents. The Society’s vision for the next five years was summed up in a compelling slogan: “Across oncology. Worldwide.”



Our challenge was to make that vision clear: to convey a global presence and a vast breadth of expertise in a format that combines instant brand identification with the flexibility to distinguish between different activities, topics, and channels. The answer was to create a full-fledged corporate identity, combining the existing elements with a prismatic pattern adaptable to every one of ESMO’s purposes.


Expressing diamond-like precision, structure, and quality, linking elements through a crystalline structure, it gives unity to activities as diverse as online education, scholarly journals, and international congresses.


Congresses – where thousands of professionals gather to exchange the latest information and best practice – are the most visible sign of ESMO’s worldwide commitment. Making such large, complex events run smoothly is a huge challenge: one that demands the support and experience of an expert communications agency.

A dedicated, year-round team at Ander Group designs and creates all the communication and visual assets for every ESMO event, from online promotion to venue set-dressing. We make the process straightforward and trouble-free, so ESMO can concentrate on the content.

What we did

Branding / Congress Dressing / Infographics / Editorial Design / Storyboarding & Video Production / .xml & Google Docs Import / Online and Offline Advertising





One look, one voice. Across oncology, worldwide. Every day, we help bring ESMO's vision to life.

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