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HubSpot Platform

We analyze your needs and set goals for you to achieve. With HubSpot Platform, we constantly optimize your digital potential to execute your business strategy.

HubSpot is a platform that centralizes and consolidates all your marketing, sales and after-sales activities in one place. It’s a key tool to generate new leads, accelerate sales, streamline your customer service and build a website that responds to your audience's searches, channeling all the interactions of your digital ecosystem into a single database. 

With HubSpot, you can get to know your audience by mapping out every step of the customer journey.

Requesting an appointment


Opening attachments


Sending and receiving emails


Booking a meeting


Offers management


Conversations with the sales team


Pages viewed


Filling out a form


Clicks on a link


Open support requests


Campaign views


Completed surveys


Newsletter open rate



HubSpot works as a single database (a Hub), even when third-party platforms and software apps come into play: after all, it natively integrates with 1000-plus of them! The advantage of HubSpot connect? It gives you a single data source, where every interaction, action or lead generated externally is centralized in its database. Having to access individual platforms to find out how your audience behaves is a thing of the past.

HubSpot’s capabilities


Marketing Hub

Drive revenue by connecting with potential customers at the right time and in the right place through email, landing pages, forms, and more. Manage your contacts and campaigns in one place and use automation tools to boost your efficiency. Measure the success of your campaigns using powerful reporting tools. All powered by data from your CRM to enable connection with all your customers.

Campaign management With HubSpot Marketing Hub, you can plan, execute and monitor marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including email, social media, advertising, and more, all from one platform.
Marketing automation HubSpot Marketing Hub offers tools to automate repetitive processes such as sending emails, segmenting contacts, posting content and lead nurturing, so that you can save time while increasing effectiveness.
Content creation Marketing Hub provides you with an intuitive editor for the creation of compelling content such as blog posts, landing pages, newsletters, and more, with tools to optimize SEO and improve performance.
Lead management Marketing Hub helps attract, organize and nurture leads through the entire sales funnel, allowing you to build personalized experiences based on visitor interactions.
Analytics and reporting tools Marketing Hub offers detailed reports on campaign performance, visitor behavior and the effectiveness of marketing strategies, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.
Integrations and CRM Marketing Hub integrates seamlessly with the HubSpot CRM or other CRMs, ensuring a constant flow of information between marketing and sales activities.
Workflow automation HubSpot Marketing Hub allows you to create personalized workflows to automate actions based on specific triggers, thereby improving the overall operational effectiveness of your marketing activities.


Sales Hub

Sales software complete with: sales engagement tools, deal management functionality, reporting & analytics features, payments, quotes and CPQ, and coaching tools, plus the ability to integrate seamlessly with more than 1,400 tools in HubSpot’s App Marketplace.

Sales pipeline management Sales Hub formalizes your sales process. All interactions related to a specific business opportunity (deal) can be found in one place. This allows you to monitor the status and potential value of ongoing deals, while planning the necessary activities to support your growth.
Sales automation The software automates a whole host of repetitive tasks, such as sending follow-up emails, scheduling meetings and monitoring interactions with customers.
Email tracking Emails sent from Outlook and other systems can be tracked to find out when they are opened or clicked. This provides you with valuable information on the engagement of potential customers.
Communication tools Sales Hub offers tools for managing communications with customers, including personalized email templates, direct calls from the application, and integration with messaging tools like WhatsApp.
Performance analysis It provides in-depth reporting and analytics on sales activities, allowing you to evaluate the sales network’s performance against your goals.


Content Hub

Hubspot Content Hub is an all-in-one, AI-powered content marketing software that helps marketers create and manage content that fuels the entire customer journey. Includes AI-powered content generation, lead capture tools, a scalable CMS, video and podcast hosting, A/B testing, SEO recommendations, advanced analytics and reporting, and more — all powered by a customer platform that allows you to build remarkable content experiences for your customers.

Scalable CMS Build a website for your business with HubSpot’s CMS software to drive traffic, generate leads, and grow revenue. You can personalize and adapt the design of your website using flexible development tools, such as editable themes and page templates, with no advanced programming skills required.
SEO and optimization Content Hub offers integrated tools for the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, so you can improve your online visibility and boost organic traffic.
Security and reliability HubSpot looks after your website’s security and reliability, offering security certificates and providing constant updates to protect the site from external threats.
Video & Podcast Hosting Record and embed video and podcast content across your website, emails, and other marketing programs. 
HubSpot AI Let AI-powered tools do the heavy-lifting for you, with features including content writing, report generation, and more. 
Integrations and scalability Content Hub integrates with other HubSpot tools, such as the CRM, and marketing features, offering an integrated ecosystem where you can manage all website-related activities.
Analytics and reporting  It provides analytics tools to monitor your website’s performance, understand visitor behavior, and make data-driven informed decisions.


Service Hub

Forge long-lasting relationships with your customers with Service Hub, the easy-to-use customer service software that connects your team and boosts productivity. Service Hub connects all your customer service data and channels on one platform, so you can support, retain, and grow your customer base with ease. The result? Better customer service management, and happy customers at every stage of their journey.

Customer service ticketing Enables you to create and monitor support tickets to manage customer requests in an organized fashion, and provide effective follow-up.
Customer service automation Allows you to automate support processes such as auto-replies to customer requests, ticket prioritization, and intelligent routing of requests.
Knowledge base Offers a dedicated space to create and organize information resources, FAQs, and documents, helping people access the information they need.
Chat and messaging Integrates with real-time chat and messaging tools, so that customers can obtain instant support from your website or other platforms.
Customer feedback Provides tools for gathering feedback from customers, and measuring their satisfaction, helping you pinpoint any areas for improvement.
Workflow automation Allows you to create automated workflows to streamline your support activities and make sure that customer requests are managed efficiently.
Integrated CRM Integrates with the HubSpot CRM to provide a complete view of the customer, giving your support team access to relevant information so that they can offer a personalized service.
Reporting tools Provides reports and analytics on your customer support team’s performance, allowing you to track key metrics, such as response times and troubleshooting.
Team collaboration Fosters collaboration within your support team, by enabling team members to share resources and communicate effectively with each other.


Operations Hub

An operations software that lets your team sync, clean, and retain customer data with ease, and automate business processes. Operations Hub gives you a unified toolset that connects apps, cleans and gathers customer data, and automates business processes on one central CRM platform. The result? Your business is efficient, aligned, and adaptable, delivering a friction-free customer experience.

Data quality management Tools to ensure the integrity and quality of data in the HubSpot CRM, with data cleaning, deduplication and standardization features.
Business process automation Allows you to create automated workflows and processes to streamline your operations, making them more consistent and efficient.
Integration with other platforms Greater interoperability with other business apps, allowing you to easily integrate HubSpot with third-party systems used by your company.
Analytics and Reporting Cutting-edge analytics and reporting tools to monitor operational performance, identify trends and make data-driven decisions.
Management of sales and marketing operations Features that help sync up and optimize operations between your sales and marketing teams, for improved collaboration and alignment.
Service automation Tools to automate processes within your customer service team, enabling them to handle customer requests faster and more effectively.
Business process management Allows you to build and manage the business processes specific to your company by creating and optimizing workflows.
Customer lifecycle management Tools that support comprehensive customer lifecycle management, from acquisition to loyalty, delivering a consistent, high-quality experience.

As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, we’re by your side every step of the way, from building and launching your strategy to monitoring and enhancing its performance. 


Since 2012, HubSpot Academy's mission has been to transform the way people and businesses grow, by offering various types of online courses for the digital age: marketing, sales, service, web design, web development and data privacy, to name but a few. Holders of HubSpot licenses can therefore benefit from free, ongoing online training on these topics, obtaining the corresponding certification.


Discover HubSpot’s infinite capabilities and unlock your company’s digital potential