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Rebranding for Growth:
the evolution of Ander Group’s Vision

From its inception in 2006, Ander Group has put transformation at the heart of its activity, recognizing the strategic importance of leveraging change to create value. In this case, Ander Group seized the opportunity of its own Brand to demonstrate how to convey a company’s raison d’être.

Mission and values analysis

Strategic evaluation of Brand personality and evolution

Definition of a new conceptual positioning

Brand System

Creative and executive process
Performance Branding
Florian Anderhub | Chief Vision Officer

“Working on ourselves is a good way to show clients how we like to do things.”

Growth by Design

Ander Group’s new vision, “Growth by Design”, captures the essence of the Performance Branding methodology. The concept signifies that while the Ander Group is committed to protecting its clients’ brands, the ultimate objective is to work alongside them to achieve steady, sustainable growth.
Business Card
Ander Group 2006
Ander Group 2016
Ander Group 2019
Ander Group 2023

Creative process

Ander Group’s new logo captures the unwavering dynamism that has always been the company's hallmark, and embodies the core aspects of its journey into the future. The arrow conveys dedication to data-driven growth, which is Ander Group’s main client-focused objective. The use of capital letters in the design relates to the degree of authority it has attained over the past two decades of operation. Lastly, the open “A” depicts the Group's willingness to evolve and innovate alongside its customers.
Logo construction

Beyond Difference

Several years ago, Ander Group coined the concept of “Beyond Difference”, which has become the brand's claim and symbol. “Beyond Difference” counters Apple's popular “Think Different” concept, arguing that “different” does not necessarily mean “better”. Instead, Ander Group aims at transforming what has been, rather than disrupting it for the sake of diversification: the goal is to evolve existing Brands to create new value. The new logo, featuring an arrow, recalls the iconography of “Beyond Difference”: growing and evolving over time.
Beyond Difference

Design, process, value: Ander Group delivers Brand functionality.

“We are not just about creating logos, we are about depicting stories. In this case, we depicted ours.”

Florian Anderhub | Chief Vision Officer

Florian Anderhub
Growth by Design