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digitalization bias
Gloria Farris21 Feb 20233 min

Carlo Cracco doesn't reveal his ingredients (and you don't ask him to!)

When you go to a Michelin-starred chef of Carlo Cracco's caliber for dinner, you will find on the menu the names of the various and often elaborate dishes, accompanied perhaps by a brief description. In any case, unless there are special requirements, you are very unlikely to ask for the full list of ingredients, let alone go into the kitchen to see in detail how the dish is made.

You trust, recognize the chef's expertise and specialty in his or her field; you wait for the finished product, knowing that "The whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts".

carlo cracco secrets


The digitalization bias: ingredients everyone seems to know

The same happens when one goes to the doctor: a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan is prescribed, and the meticulous patient trusts the practitioner and proceeds with the indicated treatment.

It is different, however, when it comes to professionals in the digital sphere: people often think that a few components taken individually are enough to achieve an overall result, they aspire to a single ingredient. Everyone claims to understand, to enter the kitchen to observe, or to put themselves into it. Specific expertise in that area is hardly recognized, in the absolute belief that if "the web is available to everyone", then everyone can "do web".

It is precisely this view that leads 70 percent of companies that embark on a digital transformation journey to fail in the attempt, like a recent McKinsey study showed:

  • "Once the tool is implemented, we put the strategy into practice"
  • "In our opinion, this content should be written like this"
  • "If the social media set up is complete, we take care of it"
  • "We contact you because we would like to have a logo and a new website"
  • "We like the tools we have and don't want to change them but we want to advertise on Google and Facebook"

The intention is the right one, but the road this way will be full of bumps and curves. These individual ingredients have their potential, but not only do they require an expert's hand and well-defined skills, they also need to be integrated into a single, structured, holistic strategy.

"The Web is for everyone", is true, but that makes us all users, not all experts.

digitalization bias

Countless brands have set up their website, believing that it is now indispensable. Others have activated an e-commerce, to increase profits. So many wanted to have a digital presence on social media, and created the company page on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. A good portion of them, carried on all these activities simultaneously as well.

But then?

Having the platforms doesn't mean they pay off; knowing what it takes to grow online doesn't necessarily mean knowing how to do it. The Menu:

  • Uovo soffice, Tartufo nero e consommé ristretto
  • Champignon gratinato al midollo e vino rosso con polenta bianca di Marostica
  • Crema di mango arrosto, limone e foglie

Let us assume that these 3 courses correspond, in the digital world, to the full meal of "assured business growth". To compose the first one, we guess that eggs and truffles are needed (website and e-commerce). The second one, surely includes champignons, wine and polenta (SEO and social media). The last one, dulcis in fundo, contains mango and lemon (graphics and digital advertising).

We understood the ingredients, even without asking for them. But do we know how to compose the dish? Will it turn out like what Cracco might have made at his restaurant?

The difference is just that, between an amateur work, and one done by professionals with years and years of multi-sector experience. Perhaps an output will be there anyway, the recipe will be completed, but the result will never be the same.

To take full advantage of the benefits of digital transformation, it is important to choose the right technological partners. This is the only way to ensure the highest quality of service delivery and achieve the desired outcome.

At Ander Group, we believe in concrete results, realized through data and a thorough study of your reality. We provide long-term strategic support and take on full business development to accompany our clients toward digital agility through augmented consultancy services.

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Gloria Farris

As Ander Group’s Digital Content Specialist, Gloria communicates throughout the creation of transversal contents for the various channels. With a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication, her distinctive characteristic is empathy, which she uses to reach her main objective: communicating the company identity by structuring specific content strategies, based on the comprehension of the target’s expectations and needs.