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start an effective blog
Gloria Farris20 Sep 20225 min

How to start an effective blog: tips from the expert

Today's dilemma is whether starting a blog is still an effective means of reaching one's target audience, or whether the glory days of blogging have passed. The data speak for themselves: did you know that companies that have started a blog generate 67% to 88% more leads per month than those who do not blog?

Let's start from the beginning: what is a blog and what is it for?

A blog is a website or a section of a website, where text content, usually of an informative nature, is shared, accompanied by images. The primary goal is to attract new readers in order to later generate new online revenue, potentially referring readers to other sections of the website itself, such as the e-commerce, generating new leads and ultimately increasing sales. It is also a great way to build your online brand: you make your audience aware of your reality, fostering a positive opinion about you and your services. With blogging you can convey your company's values and promote it in the marketplace, as well as create awareness and culture about your industry from topics of common interest.

To achieve these results, however, the blog must adhere to specific characteristics. The difficulty of starting an effective blog is often underestimated: entrepreneurs tend to think that just starting a blog must bring results, but this is not the case.

So what is the difference between "starting a blog" and "starting an effective blog"? Starting a blog is simple, it will take you an hour, tops, while making it effective requires strategy, method, patience. It's not enough to write a few articles on topics of your personal interest to get results: it's not something you do overnight; it requires constant testing and tweaking, to optimize the content and make the site perform.

aprire un blog


The journey toward an effective blog

If you want to get concrete results and increase sales with your blog, here are the aspects you need to keep in mind that can really make a difference to your business:

  • Results take time
With consistency and an effective strategy you will get great results with blogging, but you have to give them time to arrive. 60% of blogs are closed or abandoned because they did not bring results, but it is likely that with a few more tricks and more perseverance the outcome would have been different.

  • Consistency is key
You can't plan to write when you feel like it or when you think you've had a good idea: you have to plan ahead for a good editorial plan to follow, built strategically according to a careful keyword analysis.

  • Select your specific niche
There is no "universal theme": choose your target audience specifically and intercept their needs. The audience you need to target your content to is made of those who are really interested in the products or services you offer and for whom you can represent added value.

  • Content of value
Would you read an article that does not enrich you in any way? Neither would we, and neither would your users. To get results, focus on content that answers a question or solves a problem. In addition, you will have to meet these needs better than your competitors do: your content will have to be more complete and more interesting. Competition today is extremely high, and the only brands that survive are those that can hit the user and differentiate themselves (“Differentiate or die” - Jack Trout): your articles allow you to do that. How?

    • By getting your content indexed on search engines through SEO, considering Google
       searches and choosing keywords for your article based on the volume of search;

     • Creating truly useful content: the more your content is structured based on the
        needs of your audience, answering questions posed on the web, the more it will be
        appreciated and will produce concrete results.

  • Relationships are crucial
Communicate with your audience, make them feel included and create a network of relationships. This will generate word of mouth and bring new traffic to your blog, as well as place your brand as an authoritative source through interactions.

  • Relaunch your content
You cannot think that the work is done once the content is published. To increase traffic to your blog, you need to promote and spread it: you can use a newsletter or re-share it on social media. Both tactics will expand the reach of your content, consequently increasing the likelihood of spontaneous re-sharing by users who may have found it interesting.

  • Monitor your performance
The importance of your blog lies in its performance. Keeping it monitored allows you to readjust your content and strategy to continuously improve the results you get. You can use Google Analytics or Google Search Console, but tools such as HubSpot and Semrush also provide interesting metrics with which to evaluate blog performance.

come aprire un blog efficace

Getting results with blogging: what skills are needed?

One myth that absolutely must be dispelled is that everyone knows how to write. Writing is a difficult job, let alone writing for a blog.

Managing a blog requires specific skills for it to perform well and bring conversions, because it is not just about writing an article. There are a number of side activities that must necessarily be implemented for a successful blog strategy: content optimization, image search, SEO, promotion, customer care, email marketing, social media management. Each of these activities requires transversal skills, a mix of soft and hard skills, from empathy, to SEM, to copywriting, to digital marketing in general.

It is difficult to be able to conduct all these activities alone, but an experienced Team like Ander Group's one can do it together with you. The added value of an agency is to have professionals each specialized in a specific field, the sum of whose skills brings tangible, concrete results that will really make a difference for your brand. With multi-sector experience in content writing, we at Ander Group are ready to relaunch your blog to make it a real business tool.

The world of digital marketing offers incredible potential for finding new customers and increasing your brand awareness, so why not make the most of it?


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Gloria Farris

As Ander Group’s Digital Content Specialist, Gloria communicates throughout the creation of transversal contents for the various channels. With a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication, her distinctive characteristic is empathy, which she uses to reach her main objective: communicating the company identity by structuring specific content strategies, based on the comprehension of the target’s expectations and needs.

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