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Doing Good

From the day we opened our doors at Ander Group, we’ve always believed in the power of reciprocity and being committed to the community around us. Each year, we sit down and rethink our company’s core values, acting on them by making a meaningful contribution to our local area. We believe that any deed, no matter how big or small, can make a difference. And we’re proud to volunteer our resources and hard work to build a better future.

Giving Back to Help Others Grow

This is about more than the mere act of giving: it’s a deep commitment to sharing, supporting each other and growing together. In this vein, we continue to pour time, energy and resources into building a better future, mindful that by doing so we’re investing in the evolution and growth of the community we call home. 
The wise man does not accumulate treasures. The more he gives to others, the wealthier he is.
Lao Tzu

Your Growth is our Growth

We do more than just support you. We work actively as a strategic partner specialized in branding, communications and marketing. We back worthy pro bono projects that we believe in, and ensure that they grow over time. 
We make sure that all your efforts contribute to your growth

“We believe that real success isn’t just about what we gain. It’s about how much we can give back to the community that made us what we are. Our commitment is an investment in the future, a way of working together to develop initiatives which embody the values that have shaped our history.”

Florian Anderhub | Chief Vision Officer

Florian Anderhub


Would you like a hand with your project? Are you looking for a partner for your marketing and communications activities? We’re here to help you grow.