Automation, ticketing and data analysis. How to improve and streamline business processes with HubSpot.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation enables any organisation to make its marketing operations more effective. The term MarTech (Marketing Technologies) is also used to refer to all marketing automation technologies.

Marketing Automation is a discipline (managed through specialised solutions such as HubSpot) that handles various activities such as email marketing, campaign management, social, data analysis and CRM integration.

The main goal of automation is to maximise the effectiveness of activities and processes, with the aim of attracting more prospects and turning them into real brand ambassadors.




A ticketing system is a software tool for managing customer requests that helps the team to manage the relationship with the customer in the sales and post-sales phase. The aim is to improve flows, not to waste time (and money) and to measure support activities. Thus, it is possible to collect customer requests in one place, after having created a ticket issuing channel (website, mail, form, chat bot, app), in order not to lose any request and to be able to classify tickets into pre-sales and post-sales. Can you imagine an operational and fast customer service? Guaranteed loyalty!



Data analytics

Business analytics (or the analysis of business data) is the process of discovering, reading and communicating data. Business data analytics offers even more opportunities to achieve desired results, such as optimisation, setting real and actionable goals, and constant awareness of the digital ecosystem. What numbers tell us is more valuable than instinct or prejudice.

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