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A Launch Pad site and a new strategy for IBSA Foundation

IBSA Foundation for scientific research

Schermata - Home, Blog e Eventi
Client IBSA Foundation for scientific research
Our approach
Performance Branding, Experience

Client and Goals

IBSA Foundation for scientific research was founded in 2012 in Lugano, Switzerland, by the pharmaceutical company IBSA Institut Biochimique SA to promote an authoritative and accessible scientific culture through scientific dissemination, membership of an international scientific network and support for scientific research.

The main requirement was to modernise the site by bringing order to the multitude of content on it and giving the client greater independence in the daily management of digital communication channels. For this reason we thought of a strategy that would highlight the logic of navigation and improve the performance of the content itself.

IBSA Foundation elementi grafici
IBSA Foundation elementi grafici

Content reorganisation

We emphasised two of the main projects: Culture and Health, a project conceived together with the Culture Division of the City of Lugano, which involves several institutions developing several initiatives (web page, support fund, national forum) and which in turn includes Insight and events told in the form of Blog posts.

The project was placed in first place in the Drop Down dedicated to projects, since it is the most structured and rich in content.

The Fellowships are the scholarships set up by the foundation and they deserved a dedicated section. For the 8th award ceremony and the 9th edition of the call, we created web pages, certifications and a video, developing a new graphic identity entirely dedicated to the project: the most relevant in terms of participation and Mission.
Schermata Cultura e Salute

Launch Pad Website

For IBSA Foundation we designed the website in a completely different way compared to previous works, implementing a Launch Pad strategy in which we gave priority to an almost immediate publication of the website, as soon as we were able to settle a final version of the website tree and contents.

This meant that delivery times were significantly reduced and our role evolved quickly from operations to client support in a few weeks.

Schermata Vision e Mission
Schermata Vision e Mission
Schermate per sezione e argomento
Schermate per sezione e argomento

A new Content Strategy

In addition to the reorganisation of existing content, we worked with the Foundation's Communications Team to devise a strategy for new content. IBSA Foundation's audience is wide and various and, in order to reach the greatest number of users, Social Posts and Blogs are produced and published following precise Best Practices.

Moreover, the Newsletter sending strategy has been updated and, thanks to HubSpot CRM, it allows a more precise and effective segmentation, able to increase the opening rate of the sent emails.

Schermate mobile - Fellowship e Blog
Schermate mobile - Fellowship e Blog

A modern and unified Visual Identity

We streamlined and revisited the entire Brand Identity: although the logo has not changed, everything has been homologated and aligned with the new template, which is certainly more modern and functional. In addition to the entire Visual Strategy of the Fellowship project, we also redesigned the covers of the press reviews and the blog templates.

Once again, everything was designed for the client's total independence: each new project will follow the graphic line of all the initiatives already in place, without the need to create tailor-made graphics for each activity.


Empowering Clients

Thanks to HubSpot we created a site that is easy to manage and can be modified by the client independently, whose performance can be measured and optimised on an on-going basis. Some of the projects promoted by IBSA Foundation were in the pipeline during the development phase and only after publishing, with the client, we added sections and content related to the new projects.

With IBSA Foundation we did not only share a project but a whole methodology: from the implementation of HubSpot to the use of Smartsheet for constant communication. We organised Training Sessions on how to use the tools available and how to measure results, with the aim of making the client independent and aware of the full potential of the digital world.

Ecosistema - Hubspot
Ecosistema - Hubspot

In order to reach the heart of its target, a Brand needs a story to tell. We design stories.