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Digitalization of the healthcare industry

The ever-closer convergence between innovation and digital transformation is profoundly reshaping the healthcare landscape and the management of its operations, both at national and international level.

Within this extremely lively scenario, digital transformation plays a leading role, redefining the industry's overall dynamics and opening up new prospects for all the players involved.

In Switzerland, widely recognized for its healthcare excellence, we are witnessing a significant acceleration in the digitalization of healthcare processes: a unique opportunity for companies that wish to reap the benefits.

Ander Group has guided various healthcare operators through this change, offering tailor-made solutions and helping its customers to prosper within the Swiss digital context, consolidating their leadership position and ensuring they make a significant impact and see constant growth in a continually evolving market.

A concrete example


Founded by Dr. Med. Massimo Fumagalli and Dr. Riccardo Braglia in 2001, Sinomedica is a leading healthcare company and one of the major medical acupuncture practitioners in Europe. Sinomedica's mission is to become a global benchmark for science-based acupuncture. 

We designed a tailor-made architecture for the website, offering an improved user experience and optimizing the positioning of strategic pages on Google through SEO and content marketing aimed at maximizing organic visibility.
A concrete example

il Centro

A physiotherapy center, but that's not all! Il Centro's vision is to treat health holistically, offering integrated courses under one roof that include curative physiotherapy, muscle strengthening and gym exercises, covering prevention, nutrition and much more.

We took the pre-existing website and redesigned it as new, expanding it to open out individual service lines and include them all in one single, clear but comprehensive place. We accompany users through the website as if they were moving through the rooms of the various premises, up to the point of filling in the booking form.
Industry Healthcare il Centro
A concrete example


Founded in 1975, ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) is the largest oncology organization in Europe. With more than 20,000 professionals from 150 countries, ESMO is a leading authority in oncology education and information.

For nearly 10 years, we have been working alongside ESMO with the aim of: identifying and defining clear guidelines for managing the brand’s corporate identity.

ESMO Industry Healthcare


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