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Pro Bono

Since Ander Group was founded, we've been committed to contributing to our community's well-being every year. We believe in the power of actions, big or small, and we're proud to invest resources for a better future.
Do you need support for your project? Looking for a partner for your marketing and communication activities? We're here to help you grow.
Associazione I Camaleonti

Inclusion and Equity in Sports

Ander Group supports the Associazione i Camaleonti, a Ticino-based organization dedicated to promoting the values of inclusion and equity in sports through initiatives like cultural events, trips, and activities.
Digital Ecosystem
Thanks to the Associazione i Camaleonti, we learn inclusion and equity in sports.
Since 2024

Pro Bono: 70 hours


The right image for sustainable construction

Ander Group supports Foldcast, a spin-off project developed by the USI (Università della Svizzera Italiana), capable of reducing the carbon footprint of structural concrete elements by 40%, using recyclable paper-based formworks.
Brand Design & Digital Ecosystem
We support the winners of the 2023 Boldbrain Startup Challenge.
Since 2024

Pro Bono: 40 hours

Andy Hood – NFTs and revolutionary art

A digital showcase reflecting an artist’s creative identity

At Ander Group, we’re ardent supporters of projects like Andy Hood that foster innovation, ideas and digital transformation. When we meet people like Christian Testoni, with so much enthusiasm, passion and vision about them, we love helping them accomplish their mission, without expecting anything in return.
Enso star-1
Andy Hood_ NFTs and revolutionary art-5
Digital Ecosystem
Elevating the ordinary to extraordinary with unique digital artworks
Since 2023

Pro Bono: 60 hours

ated – Associazione Ticinese Evoluzione Digitale

From data processing to digital evolution

Ander Group supports ATED, an association committed to promoting technological progress and building collaborative partnerships that bring added value to the economic and social landscape of the Canton of Ticino.
Brand Design & Digital Ecosystem
We are committed to creating an environment that fosters digital transformation.
Since 2022

Pro Bono: 350 hours


When CRM does good things (Do Good)

Ander Group supports Equip'Apparts, an organisation in the canton of Fribourg that provides accommodation or sublets to people who have no fixed abode and need to be reintegrated into society.
Digital Ecosystem & Illustrations
We help streamline the housing search for those looking to reintegrate into society.
Since 2021

Pro Bono: 200 hours


Sports against cancer

Ander Group has supported Greenhope, a Swiss foundation dedicated to organizing events to provide children with cancer and their families with moments of distraction and happy, carefree times.
Brand Design & Digital Ecosystem
Moments of leisure for our little warriors.
2013 – 2018

Pro Bono: 3’000 hours

“We believe that real success isn’t just about what we gain. It’s about how much we can give back to the community that made us what we are. Our commitment is an investment in the future, a way of working together to develop initiatives which embody the values that have shaped our history.”

Florian Anderhub | Chief Vision Officer

Florian Anderhub


We're more than just supporters. We actively engage as strategic partners specialized in branding, communication, and marketing, providing pro bono support to deserving projects we believe in and ensuring their long-term growth.