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A responsive website to boost lead generation

Swiss Helicopter Engineering case study


Modernization of digital identity

Client nurturing & lead generation

Increasing brand awareness

Website makeover
Corporate image revamp
Search engine ranking
Website with responsive design
New leads from search engines and LinkedIn
Increased site traffic


Securing new leads through increased Brand Awareness and optimized User Experience

In the aviation landscape where legislation is particularly strict and any modification is subject to prior approval from the federal office, Swiss Helicopter Engineering is specialized in making certified modifications to aircraft and helicopters.

The brand aimed at repositioning itself in the market and increasing its brand awareness. With this in mind, we first restructured the company website by making it mobile friendly and improving the user experience. This process also benefited search engine indexing, leading to a good ranking on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Ander Group's strategy for Swiss Helicopter Engineering:

  • Website design with HubSpot
  • Customer retention through blog and newsletter
  • Brand awareness strategy with LinkedIn

Our job

HubSpot website

Starting from a study of the target market, we implemented for Swiss Helicopter Engineering a website with an intuitive design and graphically elegant and appealing, taking advantage of the full potential offered by HubSpot. Specifically, the hallmarks of the company's new website are: 

  • The responsive and user-friendly structure, which ensures clear and immediate transmission of the message and excellent accessibility to all pages from any device;
  • The SEO-optimization of each page, to facilitate indexing on search engines;
  • The new graphic design, which gives a fresh light to the brand while remaining respectful of the corporate colors and identity.

User experience enhancement

The site is structured in such a way that each of the sections is easy to navigate: the intuitive logic behind the design highlights the key points of the company and its services. Ease of use and readability are the leitmotif of the site, which aims at gathering contacts from all over the world. With an agile architecture developed in a short navigation, leading directly from the home page to the individual product or service offered, the user's attention is maintained from start to finish, with several magnets arranged within the pages serving as points of interest.

New communication tools: blogs and newsletters

Our brand awareness development strategy could not miss a project for the organic growth of the site, bringing traffic and new contacts. To this end, we set up two new communication tools, the blog and the newsletter, to foster site indexing, on the one hand, and user connection, on the other, managed through a unique tool such as HubSpot.

LinkedIn page optimization

Increasing brand awareness cannot be guaranteed by a new, better performing and optimized website alone. To achieve this goal, it is important to build a strategy that leverages the right digital channels based on the target market. In the case of Swiss Helicopter Engineering, we identified LinkedIn as the most appropriate channel to develop their brand reputation: we suggested best practices to them on how to promote the business on LinkedIn: thanks to a more constant and consistent use with the guidelines, the platform has already generated new contacts for the brand.


Why is it important to have a responsive website?

It is now common knowledge that users today prefer to search for information from mobile rather than desktop. Statistically speaking, 55% of online visits worldwide come from mobile, 43% from desktop and 2% from tablet. This percentage is expected to increase when it comes to traffic from mobile and decrease for other devices.

For these very reasons, it is essential to structure a responsive, or mobile friendly, website for your business, that is, one that can recognize the device used by the user and automatically adapt to the screen. 

The benefits of having a responsive website:

  • It is a SEO requirement that promotes search engine indexing, as Google grants greater visibility to mobile-friendly sites
  • It makes website navigation fast and efficient
  • It helps lead generation because it makes the site easily searchable by anyone, at any time, from any device
  • It ensures better UX by improving corporate reputation.

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