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A digital showcase reflecting an artist’s creative identity

Client: Andy Hood 
Industry: E-commerce & Retail

A digital ecosystem

spreading the word about the world of Andy Hood

A new brand identity

embodying the artist’s style

A pro bono project

promoting digital art

Elevating the ordinary to extraordinary with unique digital artworks

200 hours

At Ander Group, we’re ardent supporters of projects like Andy Hood that foster innovation, ideas and digital transformation. When we meet people like Christian Testoni, with so much enthusiasm, passion and vision about them, we love helping them accomplish their mission, without expecting anything in return.

So we donated 200 hours of our work to define and develop his intriguing project and ensure its effectiveness. 

Brand identity

HubSpot website

Shopify e-commerce


Andy Hood, the project

Christian Testoni is a radio producer for the Italian-language Swiss broadcasting organization RSI, father, avid reader of biographies, digital enthusiast, observer of the world, and artist.

Andy Hood is the mother ship of his artistic identity.

In his latest digital art project, Somebody - Digital Recycle Lab, Christian brings everyday objects back to life: He takes photos of them with his phone, digitally assembles them and creates small human-like robots.
Like all artists, Christian Testoni needed to boost his visibility and increase interaction with his target audience. 

This is where we came in. We designed and created an authentic digital showcase combining the capabilities of HubSpot with those of Shopify, where Christian could sell his NFT works.
We also created a consistent visual identity.

Conveying the world of Andy Hood

We chose the graphics theme and color palette carefully, so as to respect rather than dominate the artist’s style, while capturing its very essence. Andy Hood’s personality really shines through as a result. We opted for the theme of space, which evokes the idea of “travel” through the world of NFTs and the Andy Hood universe. We used vibrant acid green, a color that is inextricably linked to the theme of digital art, to symbolize innovation and progressiveness.

Space Motion_2

Typography & colour palette

A common thread connecting two worlds: HubSpot and Shopify

Andy Hood found its place in a digital ecosystem combining the capabilities of HubSpot and Shopify, with a view to creating an interconnected digital landscape.
We used HubSpot to build a website that would be a portfolio of the artist’s works on the one hand, while opening the door to the world of NFTs for users on the other. The new website also helps boost the visibility of the art itself thanks to HubSpot's ability to optimize search engine indexing.
We then connected the site to Shopify for the e-commerce aspect. After “fitting out” the online shop, we added the Verisart plugin, selected from the Shopify marketplace, which allows NFTs to be purchased both with crypto and by credit card. The application also ensures anchoring on the Blockchain, which identifies the digital artwork as unique and no longer available for purchase. The process is streamlined and seamless between the website and shop features, providing a smooth user experience in which individuals can enjoy the “fine art” of purchasing artwork.
The result is a smooth transition between the two platforms, offering users a seamless experience: switching between the website and the online shop is by no means an abrupt change, but a natural step.

The best of both worlds

Syncing HubSpot with Shopify enabled us to create a digital environment where the art of Andy Hood can thrive. The result is a smooth transition between the two platforms, offering users a seamless experience: switching between the website and the online shop is by no means an abrupt change, but a natural step.

“Thanks to Ander Group, I can now showcase my art in an environment that faithfully reflects my artistic identity. Everyone who purchases one of my artworks goes on a real journey into my creative world.”

Christian Testoni / Artist


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