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CAB and RTTL: an immersive experience to communicate a new way forward

Repubblica e Cantone Ticino

Repubblica e Cantone Ticino
Dipartimento del Territorio
Our approach
Branding, experience

Client and goals

Between 2019 and 2020, the collaboration between Ander Group and Canton of Ticino was enriched by a new important chapter. In fact, we were involved in the launch of the Agno-Bioggio bypass and the new tram-train network in the Lugano area, two ambitious projects of the Department of Territory that will bring major improvements to the road system in this area in the coming years.

Created and developed in parallel, the two projects were conceived by Ander Group as "twins": that is, they share the same visual identity and the same communication tools - website and offline materials - which differ only in their main colour.


New identity between past and future

The first strong identity element of the two projects is precisely the colour: two light pastel shades, to promote readability. Green for the CAB, to recall the institutional colour of the Department of the Territory, and orange for the RTTL, i.e. the colour that distinguishes the Ferrovie Luganesi, the company responsible for managing the rail and tram network. The font chosen for the first-level titles is also very recognisable: it is Whyte Inktrap, a typeface that fits in well with the requirements of the project because it is rich in curves and breaks, almost as if to recall a track.

The same font, with some customisation, was also used to create the two logos for CAB and RTTL. After developing the two identities, we gathered the guidelines and key elements in Frontify's digital library: as a Frontify Partner, we provided the Canton with a user-friendly and updatable tool to ensure optimal future management of communication materials.


An immersive experience from the ancestor of cinema

Our approach was born from a goal: to create a digital product innovative enough to support the launch of two projects that will revolutionize the way people travel in the Lugano area. For this, we chose to offer a modern and immersive user experience. 
To do this, we were inspired by the effect of the Zoopraxiscope, the first ancestor of cinema: a device which, when operated by the user, allowed him to see a sequence of moving images originating from a succession of metal plates.

Between 3D and minimalism

Starting from this idea, for the header of both sites we developed a 3D digital environment in which we reconstructed the urban and naturalistic landscape. The user can navigate this environment by "moving" from one stage to another of the route, exploring each step in depth with the information sheets complete with renderings provided by the Canton. 

In conclusion, the site is very linear and minimalist and favours the use of the textual content, created by the consulting company with which we carried out the project.


Compatibility with all devices

The cleanliness and simplicity of the two sites also meets another fundamental requirement: that of developing a product that is technologically compatible with all devices.

Through a lean and user-friendly CMS, moreover, the two sites are easily updated by the Canton.

Flyer and roll-up for the project launch

The visual identity of CAB and RTTL was also the starting point for the development of printed information materials for the information evenings open to the public: in particular flyers and roll-ups.