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How to rework a brand identity in a respectful way

Caratti Costruzioni

Caratti Costruzioni SA
Our approach
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Client and brands

Caratti Costruzioni has been active in Ticino for almost 60 years in the design, construction and renovation of buildings. The company operates from Morcote headquarter with a team of over 30 professionals and constantly invests in their employees training.

For Caratti we have worked on a big project, with the aim of analysing and optimising the company's Business Model and its communication, from the new Brand Identity to the Online and Offline applications.


The journey

The Caratti project has given us - and is giving us - a lot of satisfaction: the client trusted and asked us to walk next to each other in a long-term path.

Workshops. Transversal audit. Market analysis. Competitor Benchmarking. Business Model Analysis. Operations Audit. Corporate Structure Audit.

Values definition. Definition of Personas. Definition Unique Selling Proposition.

Design of the new logo. Definition of the new colour palette and design of the new graphic identity elements. Creation of the Brand Manual.

Application of the new identity on all paper and site materials. New brochure. New website. Database optimisation. Legal support for data processing.


A whole analysis

This partnership with Caratti highlighted a number of issues that the client never tought about: is the Business Model successful? Is the company managed in the best possible way? What is the company's positioning compared to its competitors? After collecting data and impressions from the client during a series of collaborative workshops, we finally provided answers to all these questions.

In particular, we made a market research on the construction sector in Ticino and specific audits on competitors, corporate structure and operations, according to what Caratti wanted to focus on. From this phase it was clear that the company needed to invest in communication and marketing in a structured way in order to gather new contacts.


A new identity built on solid roots

A preliminary strategic work is essential to simplify and make more effective the creative process. Before talking about logos and graphics, we focused on defining the company's values and its Unique Selling Proposition. 

Here's the result: Caratti's strength lies in its human relationship and its mix of design and technical skills: it is a partner that walks clients through every stage of the construction process and turns their requests into beautiful, safe properties. Using the words of the Payoff we created: Caratti creates with a purpose.


Looking back to look forward

Starting from the Unique Selling Proposition and the new Payoff, it was pretty natural to work on the logo and give life to the new guidelines. In order to respect the link with the past and give the brand a new look, we reviewed the logotype: we didn't change it, but made it more essential and geometric in order to suggest the importance of criteria and constructive thinking. 
The colour of the logo has also changed from the previous version: no longer orange/brown, but a more elegant green/slate green, which is more suited for a new positioning aiming for quality.

A distinctive pattern

The shapes that make up the logo, like the triangle and the semicircle, were the basis for the creation of a pattern that builds the Brand's distinctive graphic element: a mix of geometric lines in the colours green/slate green, white and orange/salmon. 
This is a mix of geometric lines in green/slate, white and orange/salmon, which we chose as a secondary colour to create a link with the orange of the past. The rules of use of the new logo and pattern were summarised in a Brand Manual, shared with the client.

Offline applications

The Pattern was then used to create the graphics for all the company's media: from administrative prints, such as business cards, letterheads and folders, to construction site equipment.

So signs, banners, signs, workers' equipment, company vehicles. The new A5 brochure also reflects the same graphic basis.

The digital experience

At first glance, Caratti's website has some innovative and unconventional graphic choices. We wanted to give the idea of verticality linked to the construction of a building, the titles and the menu have a vertical orientation. HubSpot's CMS offers a very intuitive experience. Updating content is easy and the modular structure allows text and images to be dragged and dropped with just a few clicks.

Thanks to the Multilingual feature, Caratti's website was created in 3 languages: Italian, English and German. We also chose HubSpot to support the brand's digital evolution in years. We took care of providing legal support for the drafting of the Privacy and Cookie Policy and of importing contacts and optimising the Database. In this way, Caratti has all the tools needed to collect contacts and send targeted communications to its audience.