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An e-commerce strategy that extends the boundaries of taste

lagAlpi  - Case study


Increasing sales opportunities

Offering a structured online shop

Guaranteeing an optimal user experience

Extending brand awareness


E-commerce creation - Shopify

Shopping campaigns - Google

Organic product placement - Google

Branding and storytelling



Google Merchant Centre

Google Ads 

lagAlpi: the taste explorers

An e-commerce born from a passion for the Alps and its genuine products.

Today, lagAlpi is a Made in Switzerland brand that, with perseverance and passion, promotes unique flavours and food and wine excellences from the Alpine and Pre-Alpine regions. 

Establishing oneself in the world of Food & Beverage for online sales is not obvious, and even lagAlpi has encountered difficulties due to the DIY management of online sales.


Establishing the brand and increasing online sales of products.

Certainly there was the desire to establish itself as a brand and secure first place in user searches for its transalpine products, but also the desire to make known, beyond geographical borders, a tradition, the local tradition of the Alps, linked to the care and passion of local producers for the land.

Making new flavours and combinations known, and preserving tradition. 


The e-commerce strategy to increase sales

Opening an online shop independently may seem simple, but this rarely translates into immediate sales, and often the enthusiasm of individual management soon clashes with the difficult dynamics of search engines and web positioning.

Ever since Google opened up the possibility to all companies to sell via Google Shopping free of charge without the obligation to activate paid campaigns, the difficulty of positioning especially in the F&B sector has grown exponentially.

In the case of lagAlpi, our strategic intervention was necessary to completely revise the structure of the online shop, going in a direction that followed the needs of the users and was clear and explanatory about the products. Moreover, we implemented paid and organic campaigns, respectively, to bring traffic to the shop and better position the brand.

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Our work


Given the sales-oriented nature of lagAlpi's business, a platform with native business functionality was chosen for the website. In this way, accepting payments, tracking inventory, fulfilling orders, etc. would be easy and straightforward.

We supported the client in the following activities:

  • A clear navigation on the homepage in which the division of products into categories already appears;
  • Recategorisation of products based on type, easily understood by the user;
  • A clear and orderly catalogue facilitating the user experience;
  • The inclusion of product boxes also on the basis of special occasions or moments;
  • The creation of a page dedicated to manufacturers, introducing a new alternative to lead to the final purchase.

The "Stories" blog

The writing of the "Stories" lifestyle was a good chance to make the products and opportunities of an area known in a more pleasant and public-friendly way. A collection of recipes, ideas, food and wine proposals, but also myths and legends linked to the Alps and the magic of those places.

The blog, well indexed, played an important role in bringing traffic to the website and the online shop, favouring sales. 


Google Merchant Center

For lagAlpi, we created a Google Merchant Center account and added a detailed catalogue of products (all carefully loaded with neat and precise wording, and in several languages) with the intention of taking advantage of Google Shopping's free product showcase.
This showcase is activated whenever a search is made by the user for prices or products, and while a few years ago it was sufficient to have a good catalogue on Google Merchant Center to appear among the first results organically, today the competition is such that brands are also required to have a paid campaign strategy to appear.

Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping ads are not displayed as text ads, but are real product cards containing useful information and photographs.
Basically, Google Shopping operates like a normal search engine campaign, presenting the product card as the result of a query and allowing the user to view the most important details, such as the price, and to compare it with similar products responding to the same search phrase.

Thanks to the implementation of these campaigns, it was possible to achieve significant results from a sales perspective, with +200% (YoY).


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