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A marketing automation strategy for Fervo Group

Fervo Group case study

  • Creating and consolidating brand awareness of Fervo Group 
  • Reaching more prospect clients
  • Repositioning Fervo as a strategic partner for Facility and Energy Management solutions and services
  • HubSpot Website design
  • HubSpot integration with sales CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • SEO and Content design
  • Visual language design system 
  • Brand visual coherence 
  • A single website representing the whole Group
  • Increase in quality leads
  • Increase in website traffic


A company specialized in 4.0 services for buildings

Fervo Group is an Italian Group of companies that specializes in Facility and Energy Management.

In particular: 

  • Fsi deals with plant construction, maintenance and General Contracting; 
  • Eco2zone (E.S.Co.) is responsible for energy management and efficiency and environmental sustainability projects; 
  • Vme is in charge of managing, creating and maintaining green areas, building works and secondary infrastructure works;
  • Reclean supplies soft cleaning, reception and concierge services.


“No man is an island” - towards a Group identity

Fervo aimed at repositioning itself in the Facility and Energy Management market, increasing brand awareness and communicating the added value of their services. 

Fervo’s second goal - no less important - was to reach a greater number of quality contacts (potential new customers) for each service area.

Ander Group’s strategy for Fervo Group:

  • Marketing automation 
  • Sales enablement
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub integration 
  • New visual language and design system
  • Website design with HubSpot CRM

Why should you adopt a marketing automation strategy?

People often talk about marketing automation, but what exactly does it involve? Most of all, is it actually important for your company? 

In essence, marketing automation is the set of actions one puts in place to reach his or her target or prospects (future clients) more easily. In practice, it is about simplifying a company’s efforts to track its users’ activities, and to then secure effective communication that fosters user conversion.

The answer to the second question “Is marketing automation useful?” is, of course, Yes! What company, whether small or large, would forego increasing its qualified prospects or website conversions for only a minimum amount of effort?


Heightened brand awareness at Group level

Fervo Group has grown over the years thanks to the interaction between the different businesses (each with its own specialization and product/service). Over time, these have helped consolidate the integrated services it provides, under the guidance of the group’s leader. As a result of this process, Fervo has had to face some challenges.

First amongst these was the Group’s need to communicate its identity through a single website. The website needed to illustrate and explain its services and offer customers a new opportunity: it had to offer them the means of requesting consultation for a number of services, using a lean and practical process within one channel. The second challenge involved coordinating communication and image, by developing and reinforcing new brand awareness as a Group.

Before defining the new digital communication structure, we focused on analyzing user behavior on the “old” websites, examining data related to the most visited pages and the browsing and contact methods. We investigated the individual companies’ characteristics to be able to reinforce the Group image, and create a website architecture that represented the collective and shared values, guided by the needs of potential customers.


Our job

Website: SEO strategy and website traffic

Bearing customer needs in mind, we created a website architecture that could accommodate a range of activities in a broad menu featuring clearly-defined services. It was then fundamental to position the individual service and product pages by creating specific SEO-optimized contents, in order to facilitate indexing on search engines.

In particular, HubSpot CRM’s Blog - the platform on which we developed the website offering a variety of functions (marketing, sales, operation and service) - supplied all the necessary SEO tools. As a result, additional plug-ins that would have made indexing more difficult and slower were not needed. Did you know that companies that use HubSpot’s Blog have registered an increase upwards of 250% in their number of visitors?

Visual language evolution

The visual language also had to evolve to better represent the Group and its specialization in 4.0 property services. By harnessing a new means of using triangles and analyzing interface components, we were able to ensure the language evolved to embrace a more functional and versatile perspective, not least regarding Digital aspects.

A dynamic effect was created with modular shapes and triangles, along with a dialogue between empty and full spaces and dimensional scales. A brand-new font was adopted, more distinctive and recognizable than the standard one used previously. Hatching, decorations and geometrical patterns have become the characteristic feature of the Group instead of the single business units. They are used to fulfil a range of functions: embellishing social media content, characterizing the website and rendering printed material unique. The new visual language has therefore made it possible to effectively convey the content, in an elegant and modern way, ensuring the visual coherence of the brand.

Our job was not limited to just creating a visual identity, but also consisted of creating an actual design system: a set of guidelines and common browsing patterns, in order to make the user’s navigation and his or her digital brand experience as familiar and easy as possible. This enhanced better orientation within the website, including when switching between different devices.


A marketing automation strategy

In the specific case of Fervo group, in order to implement an effective marketing automation strategy, we integrated HubSpot CRM - in particular the Marketing Hub functionalities - with the existing sales CRM, and we created the forms used on the website, from simple ones (such as general contacts) to highly sophisticated ones (such as the form for requesting consultation or a product/service), with different information levels to be filled in.

This has enabled us to insert contacts in different segments, according to the nature of the request. The contacts are then sent to the team members most appropriate to support them, or they are entered into an automatized communication flow that helps acquaint it with the Group and its numerous services, without impacting on the communication team’s activities.

Sales enablement and qualified contacts

HubSpot’s Sales Hub is not limited to supplying sales pipelines, but also gives the opportunity to share information regarding the most qualified contacts with the sales force, based on custom criteria chosen by the customer.

The added value of using a CRM such as HubSpot, unlike other instruments, is the fact that it not only collects information from forms, but it connects them to the interactions that contact has with the website, to the actions the contact takes during the browsing, to the pages he or she visits and newsletters that are opened. As a consequence, customizing messages and delivering the content to the most appropriate target at the right time is no longer viewed as an impossible mission, and users go from being just visitors to prospective clients. 


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