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A multi-channel strategy for a high level ecosystem

Avesco Rent

The client
Avesco Rent

UX, UI, digital marketing strategy


The client

Avesco Rent is a rental company with an e-commerce of building materials: everything you need for a construction site of any size, indoors or outdoors.
Avesco Rent's real special feature is the value of renting only the best machinery or equipment, on a long or short term basis.

Our mission was to make it easier for users to access rental products and to promote this service. In addition, we had to divide the management of the site between the Wordpress CMS and the HubSpot CRM, putting them in communication.



While managing the ordinary maintenance of the Wordpress site (including several plugins and integrations), we worked on a redesign of the homepage experience, born from the need to accommodate the new structure of the Avesco Rent sub-brands.

Based on the analysis of data and heat maps and renovating the mobile version of the site (from which an interesting number of conversions come) we coordinated the creation of the new homepage.



In order to increase the number of leads generated and improve our positioning on search engines, we defined an annual digital marketing strategy.
To do so we analysed a series of keywords to add in the site’s content but also for creating some paid campaigns.

HubSpot's marketing tools allow us to monitor the progress of the campaigns and SEO performance, keeping the most important KPI's under control.


HubSpot CRM

Automation is one of the most powerful functions that HubSpot provides, and its purpose is to avoid those boring and repetitive jobs that prevent people from optimising their working time.

Thanks to them, we have automated the management of deals, which were previously done manually by the marketing team, and which are now assigned to the most appropriate team member, based on the request filled in by the user.

In the sales section of HubSpot, it is also possible to manage and monitor the progress of the deals; all sales processes are under control and this allows a company as big as Avesco Rent to abandon the countless email threads forever: everyone is updated in real time on the progress of sales and forecasts.

Also very important is the management of the Service section, where FastRent (one of Avesco Rent's brands) can communicate directly with customers, offering them prompt and constant support. The main advantage of ticket management in HubSpot is the automation of many operations related to the screening of requests. a faster and more effective management of customer care.


Development and integration

Goodcode, the software house owned by Ander Group, played an important role in this project.
The development team has created an API integration to make the fleet management system talk to each other with the HubSpot CRM: thus sales and service operations are updated in real time on both fronts.

Goodcode is also helping the client to manage a Wordpress site complete with a product catalogue based on Woo-commerce and a complex architecture of functional modules, which allow the request of offers for the hire of machinery and containers.


Vincent Albasini- CEO of Avesco Rent

Support in German, French, Italian or English ? No problem, Ander Group masters them all! The client can express its thoughts in their mothertongue and the contact person will understand the needs.

Open discussions, clear guidelines, collective brainstorming makes it good: team working with Ander Group was great.