How much time do you normally spend contacting your potential customers, making offers, sending follow-ups and figuring out which product to offer? Without even being sure it's the right one. With the Inbound Sales methodology, through HubSpot your sales strategy can become more efficient and convincing.


Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategy that enables your company's sales ecosystem to improve, through methods and technologies that will exponentially increase your profitability, allowing you to stay aligned and agile.

Working with sales and marketing teams at the same time to manage content and resources, updating guidelines and best practices, assisting with sales force acquisition and training, and much more, are steps you can take right now, thanks to HubSpot.

Guidelines need to be created together with the teams involved and enablement programmes need to be followed, including in-depth training to improve and simplify processes and operations.



Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a score assigned to each potential customer based on their perceived value to the company. The score is determined on the basis of elements such as the profile of the lead and what and how many interactions there have been with your business.

Lead scoring enables customers to be prioritised and ranked automatically. This method allows marketing and sales teams to understand where their contacts are in the funnel and to respond to each one in a targeted manner, thus maximising conversions.




Continuous training is the key to successful performance in the long term. Being up-to-date on services, products, trends and existing technologies is a winning method to discover the full potential of the digital world. An aware sales team is an efficient team. Training your employees is a safe investment!



Pipeline Management

A sales pipeline is a visual representation that helps you manage long and complex sales processes. You will be able to see how many deals you have in progress, what stage they are in, which ones require your attention and whether you are able to achieve your goals. Building a Pipeline the right way allows you to streamline your sales processes and intervene where necessary.

The main purpose of a digital environment is the measurability and monitoring of forecasts as well as sales targets thanks to HubSpot, which facilitates the conversion process.

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