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Branding & Identity

The aim of branding is to ensure that your product or service is the very first choice in the minds of your consumers. 


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Your image: our bread and butter since 2006

With many years of experience behind us, we've been able to hone specific skills, creating comprehensive strategies that cover more than just visual identity. We devote ourselves to fully understanding this process in all its aspects, working on each and every detail to make sure that your brand idea is consistent with your business and reflects your mission, vision and values. What’s more, we take care of the entire storytelling process, to connect your brand to your audience on an emotional level, forging long-lasting and meaningful relationships by telling an engaging, authentic story.

Specifically, we deal with the following:

Brand idea The brand you want to build and your underlying business are inextricably linked. For this reason, before embarking on any kind of branding process, you need to be able to answer three questions with resolve: What are you selling? Who are you selling to? What are the benefits for your customers? While there’s no magic formula, we’ll help you find the answers, establishing the scope for development of your new brand.
Brand strategy and strategic positioning We develop a comprehensive strategic process: we perform a thorough market analysis, studying your company in depth and producing a detailed road map to consolidate its identity among your audience. In other words, we position your brand within the market in question. How do you compare to competitors? What makes you stand out? In a world overloaded with inspiration and information, a company cannot survive on awareness alone. The aim is to become as relevant as possible, by forging a unique and genuine emotional connection with your audience.
Verbal identity Want to know the best way to get customers hooked on your brand? It’s by telling stories. But you need to use the right words. That’s why we take care of the entire verbal identity of your brand, from naming and the brandline to the tone of voice and copywriting.
Visual and sensory identity A first-class design gives consumers everything they need to identify with a product or service, making it their go-to choice when it comes to purchasing decisions. The logo, color palette, look&feel, mood, packaging and other sensory elements such as sounds and smells are factors that will make your brand recognizable, relevant and unique.
Brand activation Consumers develop a brand perception based on the sum total of interactions they have with it. We therefore plan and define a bespoke media mix to meet your specific needs. Whether this involves events, digital campaigns, OOH or engagement marketing strategies, we strive to bring your brand to life and make it stand out in an authentic and impactful way in the eyes of your audience.
Brand management We’ve been taking a distinctly practical approach to branding for around two decades. We believe that the effectiveness of graphics lies in their immediacy and ease of use by the customer. Therefore, every initiative in our branding process is carefully geared at providing a complete range of tools and assets, using platforms such as Frontify (DAM). This ensures that the customer always has all the assets they need to hand, always up-to-date and ready for immediate use.


Transform your vision into an emotion