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Building the reputation of a small luxury brand

Ghisò case study

  • Website and e-commerce optimization
  • Brand awareness
  • Promotional strategy
  • Content and graphic overhaul
  • Paid advertising
  • Newslettering
  • Better search engine rankings
  • More established reputation and brand recognition
  • Increased digital sales


Positioning a luxury brand through strategic communication

Ghisò is a niche leather goods brand, created with the goal of bringing together and connecting a community of "creative-travellers", creating handcrafted products that are sustainable and long-lasting, combining the art of Italian leather goods and a style that is simple and beyond fashion.

The challenge, for a brand like Ghisò, is to be able to position itself not only in the market, but in the mind of the consumer precisely as a luxury brand. When it comes to big brands, their fame precedes them, and even large sums of money are justified by quality guaranteed by their historicity. In the case of new and small businesses, quality must be communicated, historicity created, and reputation won. Our goal with Ghisò is just that: to get to leave its target audience in no doubt about the quality and reliability of the brand, increasing its brand awareness, improving its reputation and consequently its sales.

Ander Group's strategy for Ghisò:

  • SEO overhaul of the site's content to position it on search engines
  • Integration of HubSpot and Shopify with a focus on the Marketing Hub
  • Social-paid-advertising to communicate with the identified target audience

Our job

What we accomplished for Ghisò fully represents Ander Group's method: we did not take charge of a single aspect of the brand by going out and providing a specific and punctual service. Instead, we carried out an all-inclusive work, with constant support intended to give full digital visibility to the company, bringing concrete results.

A representative, expressive, and above all, strategic website

The client came to us with an existing website, built on Shopify together with the e-commerce. We optimized the pre-existing structure by making the best possible User Experience and the graphic and visual impact needed in the world of Luxury coexist. At the Content Design level, we outlined the storytelling of Ghisò by combining the vision of the founder and CEO, Gianluca Maina, with an accurate Keyword Analysis that would allow the positioning of the website on search engines.

With this in mind, two additional pages were created that would really let the essence of Ghisò and its raison d'être shine through. We then unified them with the work done previously and with the shop, creating a coherent, quality ecosystem that would live up to the product proposed.

A data-driven strategy

Site and e-commerce enhanced: then is the job done? Definitely not, and it is thinking otherwise that often leads brands to fail to benefit from their digital assets.

Once the boat is built, it cannot set sail on its own: it needs an experienced captain and his entire team to navigate. In the same way the world of the web works: when the website and e-commerce are ready, we need to study how to set them in motion so that they bear fruit. This is what we did for Ghisò: starting with an in-depth study of the target audience and its needs, and of the Luxury market and its players, we structured the brand's growth strategy, which was then monitored step by step to maximize results.


Paid Advertising

In Fast Fashion the sale is rather simple: nice product, low price, almost immediate purchase. Luxury before getting to the sale needs a path of Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement: the potential customer must be brought into the reality of the Brand, communicating to him the vision, the modus operandi and everything that leads to the final product.

To do this, we built a Paid Advertising plan starting with Instagram and Facebook, the channels that allow combining Visual Imagery and Storytelling. The entire promotional activity was carried out in 4 languages - English, German, French, and Italian - in order to reach all of Ghisò's area of interest. The campaigns resulted in a significant increase in website traffic, meanwhile positioned organically on search engines.

HubSpot Marketing

The Shopify website has been integrated with HubSpot to expand the strategy and leverage all Touchpoints.

Specifically, within HubSpot's Marketing Hub, we did a remediation of the contacts available to the client by creating a new Database, which was then used for a Newsletter mailing. These, based on an Editorial Plan, were structured following new product launches and ad hoc real-time-marketing based on the time of year.


Luxury brand: how to communicate its quality?

A consumer looking for a quality product often relies on his or her five senses: he or she wants to see, to touch the product to feel and evaluate its quality.

This is especially true in the world of luxury and leather goods, with its distinctive smell and feel. But without a sufficiently recognized shop or name, how to convey the quality of the product? Why should the consumer choose to buy?

In the digital era, the quality of the product is reflected in the quality of the online shop window. A potential customer, from a luxury brand, expects to find answers to any question, to see the company present on all the most used platforms. This makes it vital for a brand's livelihood to have in-depth knowledge of its target audience, so as to insert itself into their daily lives, having impact and visibility.

Once you have figured out where to position yourself, the how takes center stage: consistency and quality are the keywords. The communication must be representative of the brand; it must be "worth" looking at, reading, and deepening.

Nobody queues for a flat roller coaster.

The web world is extremely competitive: there is no room for poor communication or trivial visual impact.

Luxury has to turn heads, it can leave no doubt. How could your digital ecosystem, do otherwise?

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