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Filippo Ongaro

Filippo Ongaro
Marketing, Branding, Digital Design

Client and Goals

After having worked for many years as a doctor, Filippo Ongaro is now one of the most respected Life Coaches in Europe. Together with his wife Sonja, he accompanies people towards the achievement of an extraordinary life: he does it by offering courses, events, books and valuable digital content. With Ander Group, Filippo Ongaro has started a 360 degrees collaboration that has touched all aspects of management and promotion of the Brand:

rethink the ecosystem of digital sales in a Custom perspective to have an Online Shop active 365 days a year; redefine the identity of the Brand and the Brand Architecture; reorganize the content offer; redo the site to make it more modern and usable and improve its indexing; consolidate the Database and improve the impact of Marketing actions.


The Path

The project started with Filippo Ongaro was one of the most interesting of 2019 because it involved the whole Ander Group: from strategic to operational activities, everyone gave their contribution. We worked closely with the client, through frequent iterations and a continuous exchange.


Review of the Business Model and sales methods. Content Clustering. Definition of Marketing activities. Database optimization and definition of Email Workflows. SEO Strategy.



Creation of the logo and the new color palette.



Application of the new identity on all physical and digital tools. Planning, design and development of the new website. Creation of a Shop and a Custom Backend. Writing and sending Email Workflows. Creation and implementation of Paid campaigns. Blog Post writing and SEO optimization.


A new Brand Identity to live fully

The new Brand Identity has been realized first of all in the new logo. A logo born from the design of the initials of Filippo Ongaro, then simplified keeping the curve of the letter F and a portion of the O. Two complementary symbols, which together complete the circle, symbol of perfection, completeness, union: Filippo Ongaro is able to provide people with the missing piece to fully live their lives.

Characterized by a distinctive and simple font to be declined on the entire architecture of the Brand, the new logo has been used to identify all courses - differentiated by a color - and, in the future, may be used for any new products.


A clear, light and professional website

The website we created for Filippo Ongaro was born with two main objectives: to support the growth of the Brand's activity and to improve the management of contacts. Built on HubSpot and designed in a Mobile-First perspective to allow users to easily perform any operation of consultation and purchase from mobile, the new site has a lighter layout, modern and professional compared to the previous version.

In addition to rethinking its graphics and User Experience, we also reorganized the content, planned according to SEO Strategy and clustered on the basis of the 4 fundamentals that make up the offer of Filippo Ongaro (Nutrition, Nutraceutical, Physical Training, Inner Work): in this way, each user has the opportunity to consult, in various formats (videos, books, Blog Post), only the content belonging to his area of interest.


Design to convert

The objective of the contents proposed on the site (and on Social) is to create in users an awareness such as to push them, in a second phase, to purchase. How? Through Sales Pages, the point of contact between editorial content and sales. For each course we have developed an ad hoc Sales Page, maintaining a recurring block structure designed in detail.


The richness of HubSpot in a project

The Filippo Ongaro project allowed us to take full advantage of the potential of HubSpot, the Marketing Automation (CRM) platform that allows us to centrally manage all the Touchpoints of the digital ecosystem. Previously, the client used a different tool for each activity: database management, emailing, website hosting, social publishing.

Using HubSpot, however, we centralized the management of tasks and optimized the management of contacts.


The advantages of an optimized Database

In addition to using it as a CMS, HubSpot allowed us to unify and consolidate a Database of over 100 thousand addresses, which we cleaned and profiled. After segmenting it and creating different lists according to users' behaviors, interests and characteristics, we provided automatic Email Workflows to send to each user based on their profile.

Through HubSpot, we also managed the publication on Social and monitored the progress of Paid campaigns: in particular, Lead Generation and Retargeting campaigns on Social and Google.

All social media towards a single goal

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube: through HubSpot we managed all the main platforms, alternating the contents and modifying them according to the target and the peculiarities of the different channels. With a single goal: to arouse interest in the topics that Filippo Ongaro deals with and create a need that could be satisfied by his courses.

We found a significant increase in the FanBase, especially on YouTube thanks to the dense editorial plan of videos that we planned.


A Custom Shop and Backend

Finally, one of the main added values of this project was the creation of a portal developed from a custom perspective that has a dual function: on the one hand, it is a platform for users to sell and enjoy the video content of the courses and a place where the community can exchange comments and opinions.

On the other hand, it is the Backend used by the company to monitor the profile of each customer, payments and deadlines, the percentage of course attendance, invoicing and order progress.