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A coherent brand strategy for an “alpha” company

Hetica Capital

Hetica Capital SA
Our approach
Branding, performance, experience

Client and Goals

Hetica Capital is a Swiss financial consultancy company particularly active in investments related to the hotel and tourism field and in investment funds specialized in gold and blockchain. Hetica Capital is different from its competitors by its independent approach, based on investments in unexpressed market niches capable of generating "alpha" (and therefore high) returns, to be shared within a restricted panel of investors with a view to a "Club Deal".

For Hetica Capital we took care of the brand strategy phase, creating a brand identity consistent with the company's objectives and a modern website that highlights its unique selling propositions (USPs) and brings it closer to its target of potential customers.


A long-term collaboration with short-term results

The relationship with the client was immediately based on a great collaboration and characterized by continuous exchanges of ideas and suggestions. The common goal? To create a brand the closest to  the original idea of the founders but at the same time allowed a clear and defined positioning within a very crowded market. The relationship with Hetica Capital is the one that we believe is most mutually beneficial:

it allows us to work on a medium-long term project and the client to evaluate day by day the harmony with the team, being able to request corrections and adjustments that are difficult to evaluate in projects set in the short terms. This partnership led to the creation of the brand identity and its declination on both digital and stationary media, and then offline.


From strategy to payoff: this is how a brand is born

The work  for Hetica Capital was immediately very stimulating, because it allowed us to work with great freedom in creating the identity of a company that, until then, existed only on paper. Once we analyzed the competitors closest to the client, defined the user personas and outlined the brand positioning, we moved on to the most delicate phase of the project: the creation of the actual brand identity.

We started with the naming, opting for "Hetica", a term able to immediately transmit confidence in such a delicate sector as the financial one. Then it was the turn of the logo, an "H" that takes up the first letter of the company's name but that well underlines the main feature of the approach to finance: independence from benchmarks and market trends. Finally, the payoff, to summarize and further emphasize the concept: Coherent Instinct.


Website: complexity and simplicity thanks to a tailor-made CMS

The creation of the website was guided in particular by two priorities, different but equally important: on the one hand, to create a showcase in which the company could present the services offered to its audience, its strengths and original approach; on the other hand, to deliver a platform that was easily manageable by the client, in order to make it independent in terms of content creation and publication.

To meet these needs we opted for Webflow, a CMS that allows high-level choices regarding user experience and user interface (UX and UI), but still very intuitive and "user friendly".


Digital and more

For an active and attentive client like Hetica Capital, the communication does not only mean creating a website, but also covering all those roads that lead to the offline world. For Hetica we have in fact created totems, brochures and booklet on the occasion of participation in the REB Concours;

we took care of the Signage part of the operational headquarters with ad hoc branded plates; and created business cards for all members, notepads and gadgets that faithfully reflect the brand identity of the company.