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Équip'Apparts: when CRM does good things (Do Good)



In collaboration with
Our approach
Design, UX, Training

The organisation

Equip'Apparts is an organisation in the canton of Fribourg that provides accommodation or sublets to people who have no fixed abode and need to be reintegrated into society.

The aim is to improve the hygienic, sanitary and psychological conditions of these people, improving their quality of life and mediating in the management of social fractures within the community.


A Brand Kit for online and offline

Équip'Apparts asked us to help them with the layout the annual budget report in order to present it to the funders.

So from the request for this offline solution with a very pleasing result, we moved on to the search of a digital solution for their contents and Touchpoints.

In the development of online and offline assets and formats, we also moved on to "hybrid" solutions such as the Power Point presentation template, which the Équip'Apparts team can use as they need it.


A website to explain the project

In order to better explain the function of Équip'Apparts, it was necessary to put "on paper" all the services and objectives of this reality. This is why we created a new website with HubSpot, which explains the three main services: accommodation, subletting and support for socio-professional reintegration.

We created three different pages to explain in detail the three services and their objectives, each with its own request form that can be filled in by the person concerned or by a third party who makes the recommendation.

The donation page is fundamental for the goal, it helps the association cover its running costs so that it can continue to help as many people as possible.

The page is represented in the navigation menu as a real CTA: an immediate call to action by the user.


An alternative use of CRM

We used the HubSpot CMS to create the pages, but the key component of this project is the use of CRM.

In the Sales section it is possible to access the management of Sales Pipelines: a graphical representation of the sales process. This function was created to monitor the Deals and thus obtain a conversion, is used by Équip'Apparts to enter the requests taken on and to monitor their progress.

When implementing the CRM, we associated the contact section with Microsoft 365 accounts, a way of linking everything to the Pipeline where each Deal has a proprietary contact and everything can be managed on the desktop but also from the Apps.


A purpose-driven project

For the Ander Group team, the collaboration with Équip'Apparts was an opportunity to do good in a selfless way: we put all our Marketing and Design skills at their disposal and our CVO set up training sessions with the whole Équip'Apparts team to explain to them how to best use the potential of their new digital ecosystem.

We all deserve a second chance and that's what the digital world is for: to unite us and create accessible and democratic solutions for everyone.

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What they say about us

When I asked Ander Group for help in creating a website for our organisation, I certainly didn't expect what www.equipapparts.com is now.

This is not only a useful, functional site containing all the information and contacts of Équip'Apparts but also a new identity for us, thanks to the beautiful illustrations selected by the Design team.

Receiving a site like this as a gift was wonderful, but never more than the real treat: thanks to HubSpot, my team and I can manage the content independently and, above all, use the CRM to manage and sort the help requests that are forwarded to us and ensure that everyone is always up to date on the status of ahe single request.

Thank you very much, Ander Group: your gesture and your experience are already helping many homeless people.

Davide D'Onofrio - Équip'Apparts