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Francesca Moretti11 Jul 20223 min

E-commerce with HubSpot and Shopify

HubSpot’s integration with Shopify merges your favorite CRM and the e-commerce platform, allowing your company’s growth. A compelling reason to proceed with the integration? It is possible to take advantage of this dynamic duo to make your online shop known, increase sales and make your company grow. Let’s discover together all of the advantages of the integration and how HubSpot and Shopify actually work.


HubSpot & Shopify integration: the advantages

In order to sell products on your website, you need an effective way to send traffic from Hubspot Marketing platform to Shopify, where your products are hosted.
For this purpose, it is necessary that you create an account both on HubSpot and on Shopify. Once the two accounts are set, it is possible to connect them thanks to the native integration available on HubSpot Marketplace. What will you be able to achieve thanks to HubSpot and Shopify integration?

The 3 central aspects of the integration to set up are:

  • Synchronization of Shopify clients with HubSpot CRM, with the possibility to customize the field mapping in function of the most relevant data for your business
  • Synchronization of Shopify product catalog with HubSpot CRM, in order to be able to segment your client base according to the products or categories of their interest
  • Synchronization of purchase orders, completed or pending, with HubSpot CRM sales pipeline

Automatize qualified contact generation to increase your sales

Lead generation is the process of new contacts’ acquisition. Specifically, automated lead generation is nothing but the process through which it is possible to collect leads with the help of some automatization instruments, such as HubSpot and Shopify.
With such services, you will be able to track and measure how many people visit your website, who they are and where they come from. It is possible to segment these leads in different lists according to their demographic data and behavior, to create customized experiences for each person.
In addition to tracking the website visitors, automatic lead generation also enables you to assign your contacts a score (lead scoring process), that is to transform potential customers into actual customers (through an email marketing campaign or other tactics).
A practical example? Segment, address and nurture your online shop contacts through a customized newsletter using HubSpot.

Discover the Marketing activities you can implement!


Map the customer journey and persuade them to purchase

It is not enough to own an e-commerce site to be sure that your products or services actually sell. Indeed, it is fundamental to know the buyer’s journey.
The buyer’s journey is the path a potential client makes from the discovery of your brand to the purchase. The stages of the path represent key phases in which you will have the opportunity to catch the user’s attention and persuade them that the purchase is worth their time (and, most of all, their money).

It is important that any company has a map of its purchase journey, so that it is always aware of its customers' moves during the purchase journey, what motivates them during their path and if they abandon. This will allow you to apply changes in any phase of the Marketing funnel, in order to be aligned with customers' needs and what they want to see when looking for products such as yours.



Create lists based on the users’ behavior on your shop

With this integration, HubSpot recreates segmented lists based on the behavior inside your e-commerce and online purchases. You will have the possibility to create new lists and segment them according to orders, promotions and products, always finding new ways to address your clients and to reach them in an effective way. This translates into the opportunity to pass information to your sales force, manage workflows, announcements, e-mails and Marketing campaigns.


A successful e-commerce

Ander Group’s e-commerce consulting service has helped other companies to make their business grow, creating a structured e-commerce that responds to consumers’ needs and that converts. If you want to know more about the activities we have carried out, read our successful case study.

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