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Software Integration

Integration between software is the key to finish the puzzle of your digital ecosystem and to have an overall view of your business. The integration, indeed, allows you to synchronize data from various sources, all in one place, with the great advantage of being able to streamline business processes and to optimize your performance.



Why is it important to integrate your tools with each other?

Nowadays, implementing different digital solutions to reach your business objectives and carry out operational activities is any company's practice.

When you add new instruments to your tech stack, you know you will probably face difficulties managing your digital ecosystem, either because of data dispersion or due to fragmentation of important information about your clients, scattered on different platforms that do not communicate with each other.

How to fix the problem? Software integration allows you to:

  • automatize the transfer of data from a system to the other
  • streamline business processes
  • improve the access to information
  • maximize sales opportunities


The (many) advantages of software integration

  • You have a complete overview of the client
  • You rely on data in your decision-making processes
  • You avoid the workload related to the manual transfer of data between systems
  • You reduce the bottlenecks in business processes
  • You can easily share information between team and collaborators
  • You increase your team's efficiency and productivity
  • You speed up task completion
  • You facilitate the finalization of sales processes

We help you integrate the instruments of your digital ecosystem

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Software integration: the quality of your data in the first place

Data Cleaning

The data about your clients or your sales history is a valuable source of insights and the basis for a good process of analysis and business strategy orientation. 

When integrating different softwares together, the risk of facing conflicting "dirty" data, duplicated or wrongly formatted, increases.

What does the use of "dirty" data involve? Bad analysis and consequently... bad decisions!

In the Data Cleaning process, we intervene on your database to manage each of these cases and ensure the maximum quality of data shared among your platforms. 

Data Migration

If you wish to use a more performing software, such as HubSpot CRM, you will surely have to deal with the data migration process from one system to the other.

What is the Data Model of the new platform? Is it compatible with the current structure of data?

In the Data Migration process, we ensure the best transition possible, respecting the continuity of your business processes.

Data Sync

The data available in your CRM can prove to be even more valuable if enriched with the ones collected through other instruments of your digital ecosystem, as for example your e-commerce!

Synchronization allows you to share in real time the incoming data and the changes made to your contacts from one platform to the other, allowing you to have constant access to the most relevant, recent and updated information.

In the Data Sync process, we carry on a field and stream activity on the platforms you need to integrate, in order to grant you constant access to the right information, in the right place.

Data Workflow

The power of a digital ecosystem composed of instruments that are integrated with each other is always greater than the sum of the parts.

For example: what happens in your CRM when a client makes a purchase on your e-commerce? 

In all probability, also in your activity there are a series of processes that are frequently repeated, and that can be automatized.

In the Data Workflow process, we track and automatize the process of data and of actions to be carried on on each platform. In this way, we reduce the risk of error to the bare minimum.

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“The effective integration of instruments allows you to reduce the workload of repetitive tasks, in order to focus on the ones that bring an added value to your business.”

Michele Cristiano
Digital Marketing Engineer

To integrate the instruments of your digital ecosystem, count on us.

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