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Website design

Today your website has become your company's business card, the cornerstone of your online presence; a display that is able to attract new clients, create new business opportunities and engage your public. 
In Ander Group we do not just create websites, but digital ecosystems: the key to generate new leads and give visibility to your Brand.



Website design with HubSpot, why?

With HubSpot CMS your website will have an extra gear: it will be optimized to ensure performance and continuously improve it, thanks to:

  • Attractive and customizable design
  • Easily editable forms that do not require the help of a developer 
  • Form for custom data collection
  • UX built on the real user behavior
  • SEO content optimization
  • Native integration with third parties' softwares
  • Hosting and security functions included (SSL protocol, WAF use and global CDN)
  • Possibility to track and monitor the users' behavior

Performance-optimized website design

Our talented Team of UX architects, Graphic & Visual designers and Content strategists can help you with the realization of your website, be it starting from scratch or giving new life to the existing one.
From user experience to SEO, our websites embrace strategies designed to obtain results:

Visibility and traffic Widen your user base and the visibility of your products and services thanks to an attractive design.
Engagement Provide your users with content of value that helps your Brand's ranking on search engines.
Ease of contact Thanks to custom forms and intuitive solutions for booking appointments or for purchases, you will have more and more contacts! Thanks to the CRM function, you will also be able to keep track of them, all in one place.
Customer satisfaction

Users living an optimal experience on your website on any kind of digital device are customers that are going to return and to promote your Brand.

Do you already know the success of our clients using HubSpot?

Combining expertise, technology and strategy we design and realize cutting-edge websites for all kinds of clients and sectors

Research and analysis

In this phase we implement a series of activities aimed at planning the strategy and all the necessary steps to realize your digital ecosystem.

Defining necessities and objectives Tell us the reason why you are thinking of creating a new website or relaunching your own one. What are your expectations? What would you like to improve?
Benchmark with competitors What do your competitors do? Do they have authoritative websites? Are they to be feared? Starting from some questions, we understand how we have to position and differentiate and we plan a strategy to outperform the competition.
Service mapping

This is a key activity to understand whether your services answer the actual searches of your clients: we will understand how to present your products or services' offer so that it is intuitive and attractive for the final user.

User personas & journey

Who is your typical consumer? We build the identikit of your potential clients, analyse how they behave and what they expect once they enter your website. Having a clear idea of the people interacting with your products and services will allow you in a second phase to customize your offer and implement more effective Marketing strategies. 

SEO audit and analysis of volumes on search engines SEO audit is a very useful analysis aimed at verifying your website quality and at comprehending where you can intervene in order to improve. Our Team will determine some fundamental aspects, such as:
  • the compatibility with mobile devices
  • your website indexing on search engines
  • the browsing speed
  • the pages presenting errors
  • the organic traffic.

User experience & Design

We carry out activities designed to ensure a pleasant browsing, available on any device. We make sure that your public finds an attractive design, respecting your brand identity, without facing difficulties when looking for you on search engines and when, once inside the website, willing to perform actions.

Digital architecture

Our expert UX architects will support you in a series of activities aimed at ensuring a performing and pleasant to browse website.

UX audit

  • check of possible choke points such as navigation blocks or difficulties in performing actions on the website
  • usability and accessibility
  • user expectations vs user experience
  • legal compliance (GDPR, CCPA, etc.)  (UX audit) 


According to the most relevant contents, the topics you want to highlight and the user experience you want to enhance, we realize a Wireframe, that is a skeleton (devoid of colors and images) of the future website. 

Mock-up and prototyping

Once you have approved the structure defined with the Wireframe, we add texts, images and colors until an actual model is realized: the mock-up. 
The last step is the realization of a prototype, a very accurate example of what the final website will be. Unlike the previous ones, this is "browsable" since it contains links and allows to have a perception of what the final result will look like.

Information architecture All of the activities related to content and the information organization:

  • analysis of keywords' volumes
  • texts and information's hierarchy
  • content design and content writing
  • SEO onpage through quality content
  • choice of URL and domain

Other activities

Behind the realization of each website there are a lot of activities, here are some we can manage for you: 

  • Implementation and launch
  • Possible integration settings
  • Implementation of HubSpot license
  • Content migration from other websites
  • Training on the CMS functions




Do you want to discover the potential of a digital ecosystem?



“L’evoluzione del linguaggio visivo in un’ottica più funzionale e versatile nel Digital permette di veicolare i contenuti garantendo coerenza visiva del brand.”

Luciano Marx
Head of Branding

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