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Localize communication to achieve goals


Client Made Visible
Marketing, Branding, Digital Design

Client and Goals

The Reflect communication campaign was created by Ander Group for a project of the Safe Roads Commission (Department of Institutions) and funded by the Federal Road Safety Fund. The project was created in support of the national Made Visible campaign, designed to raise awareness of slow and fast mobility about their visibility on the roads and to improve road safety.

In particular, the project was created with the aim of: adapting the communication to the peculiarities of traffic, lifestyle and territory of Ticino; addressing the Italian-speaking population that passes every day in Ticino; developing an idea applicable to all types of media and channels Online and Offline.


The Path


Identification of a critical issue, analysis of the Ticino context, evaluation of the necessary investments.


Concept, campaign name, logo, Payoff, graphic frame, Brand Manual, photo and video production.


Multi-subject and multi-channel campaign: roadside billboards, TV-Radio-Press campaign, PR, events, brochures, flyers, gadgets, Inbound Website and Blog, Social Media Management, Social Adv.


A tailored campaign for Ticino

The national Made Visible campaign was born with a focus on slow mobility and an English message not always understandable to audiences south of the Alps. That's why we proposed "Reflect": a play on words that would encourage citizens to be responsible and reflect on such a sensitive issue, but also to wear reflective materials to reflect light and make themselves visible.

In addition, the points of attention of the campaign have been remodeled on the needs of the cantonal traffic (high number of accidents, driving culture, commuter traffic, high number of cars and motorcycles, ...) and of the territory.

A solid Brand Identity

The Rifletti logo perfectly embodies the theme of the campaign: the first letter "R", in fact, is written with the GT Haptik font, suitable to be read by blind people, and therefore also in the dark. The visual has a strong impact and the basic colors, black and yellow, recall the dark and reflective materials.

This solid work of Branding has meant that the guidelines defined could be applied to materials of various types, Online and Offline, including stands for events, radio spots and gadgets.


The declinations

After creating a TV, Radio, Print campaign, the creativity was declined on the most diverse media: brochures, flyers, banners, gadgets. Particularly interesting were then the events to raise awareness of the campaign, for which we created customized stands.


Digital presence and marketing activities

Also for this project, HubSpot was the "control tower" that we used to manage all the touchpoints of the digital ecosystem. First of all, the website, consistent with the Concept of the campaign and characterized by yellow and black colors and diagonal lines.

Through the platform we have also implemented the editorial plan of the Blog, created to deepen the cornerstones of the campaign, the organic editorial plan of Facebook and Instagram and Adv campaigns set up on the two Social Media, ideal channel for local communication.


To get to the heart of its target audience, a brand needs a story to tell. We design stories.